Town Transportation Resolution _3 7-11-2018

Town Transportation Resolution # _3 07-11-18

WHEREAS, local government in Wisconsin is responsible for about 90% of the road miles in the state; and,

WHEREAS, Wisconsin’s diverse economy is dependent upon county and town roads, as well as city and village streets and transit systems across the state; and,

WHEREAS, the Town of Excelsior and other local governments across Wisconsin have been highlighting our unmet transportation needs in many different avenues including events such as the historic Turnout for Transportation event in September of 2016 where local governments in every region of this state held simultaneous meetings calling on the state legislature to prioritize transportation and pass a sustainable funding package; and,

WHEREAS, while the increase in transportation funding for locals in the last budget was certainly appreciated, many still aren’t back to 2011 levels when you adjust for inflation; and,

WHEREAS, local governments continue to struggle to meet even the most basic maintenance needs for our transportation system; and,

WHEREAS, states surrounding Wisconsin and across the country have stepped up with sustainable funding plans for their state and local roads; and,

WHEREAS, Wisconsin will be at a competitive disadvantage if it does not implement a revenue and spending plan that addresses both our Interstates that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s and our local and state roads; and,

WHEREAS, levy limits do not allow local government to make up for the deterioration of state funding; and,

WHEREAS, local governments would not be forced to turn to local wheel taxes or increased borrowing or exceeding their levy limits if the state would finally pass a sustainable funding plan for transportation; and,

WHEREAS, the Town of Excelsior recognizes that our state highway and interstate system is the backbone of our surface transportation system and plays a vital role in the economy of Wisconsin, and that both local and state roads need to be properly maintained in order for our economy to grow; and,

WHEREAS, from a competitive standpoint, Wisconsin motorists pay significantly less than any of our neighbors when you combine the annual cost of the state gas tax and vehicle registration fees.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town of Excelsior to urge the Governor and Legislature to Just Fix It and agree upon a long term, sustainable solution that includes a responsible level of bonding and adjusts our user fees to adequately fund Wisconsin’s transportation system. Furthermore, the Town Board directs the Clerk to send a copy of this resolution to our State Legislators and to Governor Scott Walker.


Chair Ken Nolden



Lynette M. Gurgel-Clerk