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2022 Elections

11/8/22 General Election

The ballot you received has a mistake in the listing for the Representative in Congress for District 2.
The ballot should have read:
Representative In Congress District 2
Vote For One
Mark Pocan (Democratic)
Erik Olsen (Republican)
Douglas Alexander (Term Limits on Congress)
Write In
All candidates for Representative in Congress for Congressional District 2 remain the same despite this
mistake. Votes cast on your ballot will not be affected by this mistake.
Does this Affect My Ballot?
If you have already voted your absentee ballot and do not wish to make any changes, no action
is required by you and your vote will be counted.
For voters receiving this notice with their ballot, this mistake will not affect the votes cast on
your ballot, and you may use this ballot to vote in this election.
Questions About this Notice?
If you have any questions about this notice, please contact your municipal clerk’s office, you can
find their information at https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/My-Municipal-Clerk. You may also
contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s Helpdesk at (608) 266-8005 or toll free at (866)
What was the Mistake?
Wisconsin Statutes Sections 5.64(1)(e)1. and 5.64(1)(es) allow independent candidates to
include a statement of principle, if any, in five words or less, along with their name on the ballot.
Due to an administrative error by state level election officials, county clerks in United States
Congressional District 2 did not receive all required information to include on the applicable
ballots before having those ballots printed.

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Wisconsin Elections Commission

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