Election Information

2022 Elections

2/15/22 Spring Primary - NO SPRING PRIMARY

4/5/22 Spring Election

There were 48 absentee ballots requested with 6 not being returned.

There were no provisional ballots issued

for 4/5/22 Election


8/9/22 Partisan Primary

11/8/22 General Election


Town of Excelsior Ward Map

Election Forms:

Application for Absentee Ballot
EL 121 Application for Absentee Ballot

Voter Registration Application:
EL 131 Voter Registration Application

Voter Registration Status

Wisconsin Elections Commission

Voter Registration

Register or re-register to vote online at http://myvote.wi.gov. You can also check voter registration status at this website by entering your name and date of birth. Effective January 9, 2017 – eligible voters who hold a valid State of Wisconsin Driver License or State ID Card (WI DL/ID) that has their current name and address on file with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (WI DMV) can complete the registration entirely online. If the voter is not able to match their information with the WI DMV records, then registration must be completed by submitting the registration form and proof of residence with the town clerk.

Absentee Voting

For information on submitting an absentee ballot by mail or in-person, click here.

Voting by Absentee Ballot, Click for PDF

Register to Vote or Vote Absentee by Visiting https://myvote.wi.gov


Request for Absentee ballots

E-mail request for absentee ballot to:  Mail to: [email protected] include your full name, address to where the absentee ballot request is to be sent.  Be sure you are registered and send Photo ID.

Absentee voting, you must be registered to vote to request an absentee ballot.  You can also request an absentee ballot online at My Vote Wisconsin.

Voting location:  100 E. Broadway Rock Springs, WI 53961.  Office # 608-522-5115